By now, the statistics are well known -- domestic violence is one of the most destructive, costly and urgent issues facing our society. It is a major public health problem and an
epidemic which affects us all.

LOVES ME LOVES ME NOT is a groundbreaking short film created in response to this crisis. It charts the disintegration of a fictional marriage in a stark docudrama style that captivates viewers as it unravels the complex emotions and attitudes surrounding an abusive relationship. Experts in the field of domestic violence, including those who have lived through it and those who have dedicated their lives to stopping it, applaud the film's accuracy and power. LOVES ME LOVES ME NOT has been called the finest film of its kind.

Wherever it is seen, in battered women's shelters or batterers' treatment programs, in hospitals or prisons, courthouses or classrooms, the effect is the same: people are moved to examine and discuss their own attitudes toward relationships and violence by watching LOVES ME LOVES ME NOT. For this reason, it is the perfect complement to any curriculum or program on domestic violence, relationship issues, gender studies,
public safety or medicine.